Fall Talks 2014

Hello All,

In the hubbub that followed the official release of the book, I neglected to post about my talks at University of Michigan, Princeton University, and the Oxford University Press headquarters in New York City.  Each of these were outstanding opportunities to share my work with a broader audience.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my time at U Mich coincided with the premiere of the draft of my critical edition score of the first Grofé arrangement of Rhapsody in Blue.  It was an incredible thrill to introduce this piece to the 3000+ members of the audience as well as to hear the solo performed on one of Gershwin’s own grand pianos.

The talk at Princeton was equally as enjoyable.  This was my first trip to the campus and it really was stunning, especially amidst the fall foliage.  The talk was for a group of graduate students and faculty.  I particularly liked the more informal conversation about academic life with the students that followed the talk.  I was as surprised as anyone that I made the “Featured Events” section on the university’s homepage:

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 9.05.50 PM

The best part about talking at the OUP headquarters was the opportunity to meet in person the many many many people that helped bring this book to publication.  This was a lunchtime talk to an eager and attentive audience of staff members from all levels and divisions of the press.  After the talk, a rousing set of questions was followed by a book signing–both are always so much fun!

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