Rhapsody in Michigan

Next Friday, October 10th, I will be participating in a special event at University of Michigan.  One of Gershwin’s own grand pianos has been donated to the school of music.  There will be a dedication concert that evening (8:30 pm), preceded by a pre-concert talk (7:30 pm) given by myself and Gershwin guru, Richard Crawford.

Here is a short video on the instrument itself, which features the pianist (Gil Scott Chapman) who will perform Rhapsody in Blue–in a newly prepared edition (by yours truly):

In addition to the concert and pre-concert talk, I will be participating on a panel discussion (2:30 pm).  As the Gershwin Initiative website reveals, I’ll be amongst great company:

Join members of the families of George and Ira Gershwin, and Gershwin experts, for a discussion of America’s legendary composer/lyricist duo. Participants include Marc George Gershwin, Todd Gershwin, Mike and Jean Strunsky, Ryan Banagale, Mark Clague, and Robert Grijalva.

If you are in the vicinity, I hope you’ll come by and say hello!

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